Friday, November 2, 2012

October 2012

This little lady has been waiting for October 18th for so long. She would talk about her princess party everyday and tell complete strangers a ll about it. She was slightly obsessed with her birthday party plans. My mom made her such a beautiful Cinderella dress which she loved and still loves.
 I like to fill her room with balloons and set out a few presents for her to wake up to in the morning. I liked hearing her squeals from my room this year as she found all of her surprises. 
 Her Princess party was a hit. She loved having her friends over. She felt so special and had so much fun.
 The girls decorated crowns . . .  
 Kissed a frog
Blew out candles and had a mad game of freeze dance.
And of course we sent our guests off with some goodies.
 2nd half of October . . .
This 6th month old (was 6 months at the end of september) has been crawling all over the place. It is so strange to me that I have a crawler. He is a happy baby most of the time and even when he is not I can't get enough of him! Of course he is eating baby food like a mad man we can't keep enough of it in the house. He is putting anything he can in his mouth and he has learned the syllable dadadadada. Christopher of course is pretty proud of this but i'm not that impressed. I am still diligently teaching and waiting for the day he says "mama" and he is talking to me.
 Reese has dance class every tuesday and she LOVES it! She wears her leotard all the time. She fell asleep in this position while I was doing something for Henry and I had to catch it on the camera before I moves her to a more comfortable position.
 It is tradition in our house to have dinner in a pumpkin every Halloween. Reese loves it!
 Meet Merida and Company. Queen Bear Elenor, King Fergus, Little Bear, and Merida of course. From the movie Brave.
 Reese loved being Merida for the night She called us all by our character names all night and got pretty upset when Christopher and I didn't use them. She actually called me "Lovely queen bear" It was sweet. She did her own eyebrows and did not take that wig off all night. Henry was a good sport about his costume. He didn't mind having black fuz in his mouth all night.  
 These two babes make us so happy. October was a good month! Now on to the Holidays!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post Recap RECAP

 . . . . After this recap I am starting where we are in current life! 
After the week on the Lake. We went back to my parents house and spent 2 more weeks with them there.
We went "Blueblerry" picking as Reese calls them. H came too.

 Popsicles with Grandma Pam
 County fair with the cuzzies
 Loons Game with the fam. Reese learned the song "Take me out to the ball game" and my favorite line that she says is " Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the Crap" I need to get a video of this. It's pretty funny because she has no idea what she is saying.
 Lots of movies mostly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Reese was slightly obsessed.
 Morning snuggles with Grandma
 After 2 weeks of fun we packed our car to the max and headed to Springfield.
 I didn't take any pictures of our arrival and unpacking process but you can imagine right? Moving is the worst! So maybe I am glad I didn't document it.
This baby turned 5 months a few days after we got here. At 5 months he was almost sitting on his own. He continues to be a very happy content baby. We can't get enough of him. I wish he would slow down though. 
After we had gotten mostly settled we had our first visitors! Christopher's sister Elizabeth lives 4 hours away in Wichita. They made the drive to see us. We had a lot of fun with them ofcourse like always I never take enough pictures.
 These two boys are going to be good little buddies. 
 After they visited they took Reese back to Wichita for a few days. We went there the next weekend to pick her up. Its so nice to be close to these guys again!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Mother of all RECAPS

I was so proud of myself for keeping up on our life in Atlanta post Henry's arrival. Then it felt like a tornado hit my life and we had a crazy month of living out of a suitcase. Now I am so far behind. Really a month isn't that long when transitioning but we packed a lot of events into that month. So here it goes in pictures and a few words. . . .

 After we came back from Springfield we had to go get are girl! So we made one last trip to Tally and headed to the beach with these guys. We are so sad to be far away from them now but we had some good times these past two years.
 These 3 together are pretty cute.
 Henry was such a good boy. Basically just chilled in his stroller all day.
 We will miss this Ocean!
Driving back to Hotlanta.

Once back in Atlanta we started prepping the house for packers. My Mom came to visit. She originally was coming to help when I thought I was packing the whole house by myself. But after we found out the hospital was paying for the entire move she still decided to come and spend the last days with us.
 She took Reese back to MI with her on the plane. This was probably a smart move to have Reese go but I had just gotten her back from Florida and it was hard for me to let her go again. But like always I got over it and she had the time of her life playing with her cousins. There are no pictures of this because I never got them from my Mom's camera and now they will remain for ever in the abyss that is my moms camera.
The day after Reese left, Henry had his 4 month doctor visit, shots and all. Basically he is still on the large side.
26.5 inches ( I think I am just trying to remember off the top of my head)
At 4 months he was sleeping through the night I had just stopped nursing and he was just one happy baby.
We (the moving peeps) packed up our house in one day and then packed the truck the next. It was harder then I thought saying goodbye to that house. It will hold so many beautiful memories. As i sat in it empty I tried to remember some of my favorite moments. Reese took her first steps there. She grew up there. Then we brought Henry home to that house. I loved it. Would have loved it more in a different neighborhood but that is why we moved! Ok so our last night in Atlanta we went to a Braves game with Christopher's parents and sister. This was the best way to end our time in Atlanta. I am so glad they came for Christopher's Graduation. His graduation was the very last day we were in ATL. It was such a great feeling watching him walk across that stage. I was and am so proud of him. 
 I wanted a picture with all of us and since Reese would be gone for the real thing I made Christopher put his attire on and snap a photo pre-grad. This was actually a good idea since the day of his Graduation I had to walk basically a mile from the parking garage to get there in crazy humidity. I looked like a hot mess when I walked in so I was happy to have this picture. I was also glad to get such a great picture of Christopher with his parents. 
After Graduation we went out to eat for some good Mexi food and then we hit the road. Two days of driving and we made it to Manistee, MI, where we met my family for a week vacay on Lake Michigan. It was a great week. Lots of pictures for this one.
Reese and Isaac
Lake Michigan

 This trip may have provided these two with some good solid birth control. They were seriously cute with the kids though.
 Face Painting by Reese. Her style is a little abstract but what you are looking at is spiderman for the boys and fairy princess for the girls.
 Always had to be mermaids in the sand even Jackson liked to get in on it of course he was a merMAN
 Grams and Gramps w/ the little bear
 H with his namesake, love that they are twins in this pic.
I do this to him all day long. I can't help myself I mean come on, look at those cheeks!
yummy baby, the Tank started sitting while we were at the lake.
 Dog piles on Uncle Ryan were a common accurane. He was the definite favorite.
Lots of naps and Olympics.
 I loved spending time with this guy especially after he found out he passed his boards and could start his new job! 
It was so nice spending time with all of my family. There was a lot of beach time, good food, olympics, and games. I can't believe we are all grown up. It happened so fast it feels like and now that I have my own babes its going even faster. Time is so precious in this life. I am trying to always remember that and to use it wisely with the things that matter most and that will make me happy. This week at the lake was definitely time well spent.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Springfield, Missouri

So we are moving to Springfield, Missouri. Christopher accepted a position there in January. I stole this picture from my friends blog. It was taken in winter when everything was dead! I was much more green this trip This past week we went there again to find a house to live in for a while. But first thing was first we had to say goodbye to our baby girl. She went and stayed with Nana and Poppa in Tallahassee for the week. She was sooo excited! She will barely speak to us on the phone she is having so much fun. I know it was way harder on me then her. 
 So we set off to Missouri just me and the boys! Seriously the pictures below is what most of our 4 days looked like. We were in the car pretty much all day everyday! Lots of pictures in this post of Henry but how do you choose! 

 This kid didn't mind though as long as he got to eat whenever he wanted. 

So the driving around payed off. It was pretty frustrating trying to find a place. There are plenty of houses to rent in Springfield but NO ONE wants to rent for less then 12 months. Christopher and I were looking for a short term lease because we want to buy pretty soon but we also wanted to get to know the area before we do that. We called so many houses on the first day I can't even count. At the end of day one we were ready to give up. We went to dinner and on a whim decided to go look at one more neighborhood. We passed this house and saw the for rent sign. I did not want to even call but Christopher told me to just do one more today. So I called and of course the guy wanted a 12 month lease but then he stopped me and asked why I wanted a sort term lease. I told him and he said that he and his son are Realtors and that if one of them writes the contract for the house we find, we can get out of our rental lease whenever we buy. 
Its a pretty cozy little house. Its the only one we even looked at. It has a fenced in backyard and it even has a little pear tree back there. Its in a great central neighborhood. I think we will be happy here for a while. 
Christopher might kill me but I have to tell one more story about our trip. On Saturday we thought it would be fun to go and explore the surrounding area of Springfield so we set off down to Branson, MO (40 min away). We didn't look at a map until it was too late but we ended up driving on some seriously unnecessary winding and rolling roads. I was kind of mad about it and I was getting car sick. I was letting Christopher know how I felt pretty much the whole time we were driving. He got pretty quiet for a little while and when I looked over at him and he was pretty much white. Now if you know Christopher you know he has extreme motion sickness. He barely made it off the road and into a gas station before he lost all his breakfast. Poor Guy. Apparently he told me that talking about being sick made him sick. Usually the driver does not get sick in cars. This was his second time he got sick on this trip. Not good. We are going to have to get use to these roads if we are going to make it out here.    

Overall it was a good trip. I am trying to get excited about moving to springfield. Hopefully I will like it more once I get there. Everyone that knows anything about Springfield always tells me I am going to love it, so hopefully they are right. As of now I am just excited to be normal people with a job! No more student Status!