Friday, November 2, 2012

October 2012

This little lady has been waiting for October 18th for so long. She would talk about her princess party everyday and tell complete strangers a ll about it. She was slightly obsessed with her birthday party plans. My mom made her such a beautiful Cinderella dress which she loved and still loves.
 I like to fill her room with balloons and set out a few presents for her to wake up to in the morning. I liked hearing her squeals from my room this year as she found all of her surprises. 
 Her Princess party was a hit. She loved having her friends over. She felt so special and had so much fun.
 The girls decorated crowns . . .  
 Kissed a frog
Blew out candles and had a mad game of freeze dance.
And of course we sent our guests off with some goodies.
 2nd half of October . . .
This 6th month old (was 6 months at the end of september) has been crawling all over the place. It is so strange to me that I have a crawler. He is a happy baby most of the time and even when he is not I can't get enough of him! Of course he is eating baby food like a mad man we can't keep enough of it in the house. He is putting anything he can in his mouth and he has learned the syllable dadadadada. Christopher of course is pretty proud of this but i'm not that impressed. I am still diligently teaching and waiting for the day he says "mama" and he is talking to me.
 Reese has dance class every tuesday and she LOVES it! She wears her leotard all the time. She fell asleep in this position while I was doing something for Henry and I had to catch it on the camera before I moves her to a more comfortable position.
 It is tradition in our house to have dinner in a pumpkin every Halloween. Reese loves it!
 Meet Merida and Company. Queen Bear Elenor, King Fergus, Little Bear, and Merida of course. From the movie Brave.
 Reese loved being Merida for the night She called us all by our character names all night and got pretty upset when Christopher and I didn't use them. She actually called me "Lovely queen bear" It was sweet. She did her own eyebrows and did not take that wig off all night. Henry was a good sport about his costume. He didn't mind having black fuz in his mouth all night.  
 These two babes make us so happy. October was a good month! Now on to the Holidays!


Tia and Cam said...

umm I am in love with these pictures and these kids! First of all, you are a super fun mom to decorate her room like that every year, dream come true. And her party looks way fun, you pulled off a good one! You guys look AMAZING in your halloween git up... turned out so awesome, and I love that Reesey girl was so pumped about it all. Creesey looked goooood, mmmm mmmmm. And that picture of Reese asleep up on her elbows, hahaa AH! I melt. So funny and cute. And love the last shot of the babes in the skeletons. just about as much as i love typing in fragmented sentences and starting them with And. Love you guys.

roxann said...

Your such a sweet mom to make her birthday so wonderful! Your comstumes are AMAZING!

Angela Dougherty said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are adorable!! I love the costumes, you guys did such a great job. You're so creative with the party and the costumes and everything. Love it! And you guys too. :)

Emily said...

Lizarde that little pennant banner with her little faces and crowns is seriously the cutest thing.

ade said...

Love all these precious pictures of those babes. You are such a beautiful mom(on the inside and out)!! Can't wait to see you guys in May!!